The Longest Shortest Time

Hangout: What’s Up With Your Boobs?

Are you underproducing? Overproducing? Bra gone up to a size 34M? We are here to answer all of your boobage questions (baby poop questions welcome, too!) in our breastfeeding Google Hangout. You can submit questions ahead of time here or on Twitter with the hashtag #yourboobs, or LIVE on Google+ by clicking the Q&A button. UPDATE: If you missed the live feed of this Hangout, you can watch it below!

Where: Google Hangouts; will be embedded LIVE on this page (above) and at WNYC.

When: Tuesday, June 17, 3PM EST

Participants: Hillary Frank (Longest Shortest Time), Nancy Holtzman (lactation consultant), Paula Szuchman (WNYC digital director + mom who thinks she could become a lactation consultant tomorrow), and a TBD listener (this could be YOU—see below!)

What if I can’t watch the hangout live?
Not to worry! The video will be archived on this blog post. But if you can join us live, there will be an opportunity to submit questions to us during the event. Instructions to come.

If you’re taking questions live, why should I submit one now?
Because we will be choosing one lucky listener, based on their awesome question, to join us live, on video, during the hangout!

Want to know more about Nancy Holtzman & what she thinks of “breast is best”?
Read our Q&A with her.