The Longest Shortest Time

Help Us Collect Weird Parenting Wins!

Is that a real dad sitting at the dinner table?
Well, close. It’s a life-size printout of a him. His wife printed out a “flat daddy” for her kids to dine with when they were missing him while he was deployed. Just one example of a great #WeirdParentingWin.

We’re collecting Weird Parenting Wins for a book!
As you may have heard, we’re making an entire book of Weird Parenting Wins — all those trial and error strategies that you’d never hear from an expert. Our best crowdsourcing tool has always been… you guys! So we created a flyer for you to easily print and help us get the word out.

Who should distribute this flyer?
Anyone who comes in contact with lots of parents. Examples of who we’re looking for:
• Teachers
• Librarians
• Midwives
• Obstetricians
• Doulas and Childbirth Educators
• Pediatricians
• Yoga Instructors
• PTA and Parenting Group Leaders

Why should I hand this out?
1. Talking about Weird Parenting Wins is fun! You can use it as an icebreaker to get parents to connect with each other. And as reassurance that parenting is hard but we’re in it together.

2. Your people could wind up in a real-live published book! Which will help other parents like them. See #1 for the “we’re in it together” thing.

Wanna help? Great! Click here to download:
LST Weird Parenting Wins Flyer

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