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IT’S A REAL MOTHER: A Series About Workplace Discrimination

Welcome to the home of our series: It’s a Real Mother
Why dedicate an entire month to discrimination against working moms? Because moms face a shit ton of discrimination in the American workplace — more than dads or people without kids. As you’ll see in our video, the statistics are staggering.

On this page, we’ll be posting all of the episodes in the series as they drop throughout the month of November. You’ll also find resources for moms, dads, and non-parents — because this problem isn’t just a mommy problem. It’s an everyone problem. But we can change it. YOU can change it.

So, duh, let’s change it.

1) Start with this video
This comes from Michael Bierut’s incredible team at Pentagram Design. Guys, they are the world’s largest independent design firm, and they cared enough about this issue to make us this video.

Watch. Share. Far and wide.

Use #itsarealmother to spread the word about the series. (i.e. #itsarealmother when the only place to pump at work is the bathroom – OR – Moms are paid 75 cents for every dollar paid to fathers. #itsarealmother)

2) Then listen to our series

Part 1: Governor Mom
Discrimination against mothers in the workplace is illegal but it still happens every day. We launch our four-part series with YOUR stories of discrimination. Plus, we meet a mom who faced discrimination from… the entire country.

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Part 2: Ideal Worker
Why do stock images of working moms look frazzled, while stock images of working dads just look like… guys at work? Author Brigid Schulte gets to the heart of why discrimination against working moms is so deeply embedded in our culture—and what we can do to change it.

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Part 3: The Cliff
Hillary tells her own story about becoming a working mom, and the career cliff she faced as a result. Then, we travel to a company that’s flipping the ideal American workplace totally upside down… by inviting screaming, pooping infants into the office.

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Part 4: Leave
Lots of American moms desperately need access to paid parental leave, and can’t get it. Meanwhile, lots of dads can — and don’t use it. We look at one surprising approach to closing that gap. (Hint: velour track suits.)

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3) Finally, *do* something for crying out loud

If you’re a MOM:
Report discrimination.
If you’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace as a parent or pregnant person – or if you’re not sure what constitutes discrimination – learn about your rights. Think something illegal went down? Contact the Worklife Law Center. And if you are in a low-wage job, 9to5 can help.

If you’re a DAD:
Take your full paternity leave. All of it. And ask for more.
Here’s a guide on how to ask for paternity leave. And here’s why it’s good – for everyone – if you do. Also, be forthcoming and honest about your care commitments in the workplace.

If you’re a BOSS:
Think creatively about how to support parents in the workplace.
Consider a program like Babies At Work. ThirdPath and The Fifth Trimester can help you figure out solutions tailored to your workplace. Your action could be as small as changing how you talk to your employees about work.

If you DON’T HAVE KIDS: (psst we especially need you!)
Be aware + share.
Take steps to be the kind of co-worker who values work-life balance, whether that includes kids or not. Then spread the word by sharing our video! Don’t forget to use #itsarealmother.

Special thanks these organizations: MomsRising, the ACLU, and the National Women’s Law Center.

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