The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #197: Lactation Muffins, Tape Measure Ponytails and Other Adventures in Adoption

Nishta Mehra and her wife Jill Carroll like to joke that they’re a family that “checks all the boxes.” They’re a same sex couple, there’s a 20-year age difference, and they’re a mixed race couple. Nishta’s first generation Indian-American, and Jill is white.

Family mission statment

Jill and Nishta have a mission statement for their relationship and for their family. “Yes, we’re those people,” jokes Nishta.

When Jill and Nishta started down the path to adopting a child there were suddenly even more checkboxes to consider. Their approach to family is the subject of Nishta’s book Brown, White and Black: An American Family at the Intersection of Race, Gender, Sexuality and Religion.

Tune in to hear how Nishta and Jill turned their mission statement into a roadmap to parenting.

You can follow Nishta on Twitter @nishtajmehra, and Jill at @jillcarroll.

Nishta, Jill and Shiv living up to their family mission statement.

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