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Lullaby from a Couple Freaked Out by Parenthood

Most of the time, when I hear from you people out there in the audience, you have kids. Or you want to have kids. But a surprising number of emails come from listeners without children—people who have no desire to even become parents. Because, they say, the show has helped them relate better to their friends who have babies. I recently got a note like that from listener Rachel Garcia—one half of the musical duo The Singer and the Songwriter. Rachel took her connection to the show one step further, saying that LST had inspired her to write a lullaby for one of her friend’s babies. I’ll let Rachel tell you why she wrote the lullaby—see her email, pasted below. Above it is the actual song, for you to play for your tinies. And for you, too! I can’t get enough of it, myself. Thanks, Rachel! (And if YOU are a childless listener, please tell us in the comments why you listen.) —HF

Hi Hillary,

I’ve been wanting to write you for a while now. I am a long time/can’t wait for Wednesdays listener. I always keep this podcast in my back pocket for when I’m aroundmMoms or at a baby shower as something valuable I can offer to the conversation. The way LST is curated, allows your listener (Me!) to feel sense a wonder and curiosity, rather than fear or judgement. I find myself walking through the babysphere with a more open heart and mind.

This all sounds normal, except that I’m not a Mom and I want nothing to do with being a Mom. I don’t spend my days around children and I don’t have any young family members.

I’m 29, certainly of baby having age, and in a long term committed partnership. But it just has never hit me. I don’t feel a pull, the glow, an ache for children. I feel that feeling for dogs and for desserts, but not for children. I’m open to the idea of the baby urge one day, but for now, I don’t feel a thing.

Recently, the first baby was born of our friend group and it freaked us out a little bit. Would everything change? Wait, do I actually want kids? What have I done with my life!? We were scared, but we supported our friends in the best way we know how, with a lullaby. My partner Thu Tran and I are a band called The Singer and The Songwriter. We gave baby Malcolm, and parents Emily and Todd, a goodnight song at the hospital when he was only a day old. We loved the tune and it ended up being the final track on our recent debut album.

Don’t you think it’s amazing that you have a huge fan who wants nothing to do with the actual topic of your show? I wanted to show my appreciation of LST by gifting this lullaby to you and to your listeners. Even as a non-parent I would like to consider myself an ally to parents and would like to offer this song up to LST, however you would like to share it.

Many, many thanks.

Rachel Garcia

Photos: Traci Griffin Photography

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