The Longest Shortest Time

Mom Tattoos by Jessie Hopeless

Remember Jessie Hopeless from episode 76—the real-life inspiration for Marvel’s new Spider-Woman series? Jessie’s a mom to twin boys and a tattoo artist.

Jessie with her boys

Well, lucky us. Jessie designed LST some of our very own temporary tattoos. Aren’t these things gorgeous?

For all you nerds, the dashes around the heart spell MOM in Morse code

Proceeds support our show, so buy these beauties for Valentine’s Day, for Mother’s Day—or any day! There’s never a bad time to flaunt your mom-ness, or to show your love for your own mom.

Casey and John: just two guys who love their moms

P.S. Remember to cut your tattoo close to the edge and don’t wear it against fuzzy material. Full application/removal instructions here.

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