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Music to Soothe the Birth Coach

Listener Caitlin Thompson’s first baby is due this week. Her wife Clare is carrying the baby; Caitlin is the birth coach. When Caitlin heard I was doing playlists, she told me, Oh, I’ve got a playlist! But to be honest, it’s not really for Clare; it’s for me. I loved the idea of a playlist to calm the birth coach—they need calming, too! So now I’ll turn this over to Caitlin, to tell you about the meaning of her mix. —HF

* * * * *

I’ve been the mixmaster for all our seminal events—from making early mix CDs while we getting to know each other to creating four custom wedding music playlists we gave away as gifts. Being a “non-gestatational mom,” my role in this whole babymaking process has be an interesting one to navigate. With Clare, people have an easy context for conversation—how she’s feeling, what she’s expecting out of birth—all related to the physical experience of pregnancy. With me, people seem to treat me like a expectant dad (minus the genetic input), so I get a lot of you must be terrified kind of questions. Sometimes the net effect of which is to make me terrified. As our due date approaches, I’ve been trying to keep in mind my role as a future parent related to all of the things I like very much to do and can do as a parent. A birth playlist is a way to make sure we both have some familiar and relaxing songs in the room—Tennis, YACHT, Rhye, Gorillaz are all household favorites of ours—but also for me to make an early statement about a small thing I’m planning to do with my son. Introduce him to really good music. —CT

1. Ride On/Right On Phosphorescent
2. Are You With Me Now Cate le Bon
3. Psychic City YACHT
4. Dimming Light Tennis
5. Empire Ants Gorillaz
6. It All Feels Right Washed Out
7. Latino & Proud DJ Raff
8. Sweetest Kill Broken Social Scene
9. Hey Lover Blake Mills
10. Take Care Beach House

* * * * *

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