The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #23: The Longest Longest Time


Lisa tried to have a baby. And then she tried some more. She tried and tried and tried and tried. In all kinds of ways. For 11 years. All of that trying eventually led to that little hand you see above and at left. In this episode, find out how.

Tell us YOUR Story of Trying
If you can relate to Lisa’s story, please consider leaving a comment on this post about YOUR story. It can be really hard to find a safe place to talk about struggles with fertility, and I hope you’ll find this place a good one to gather and commiserate. And encourage.

Infertility Resource
If you’re seeking professional support for infertility or adoption, Lisa says she found the Infertility & Adoption Counseling Center helpful. They also run in-person workshops and support groups in New York and New Jersey.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we have started a closed Facebook group, where you can discuss sensitive subjects like infertility in a more private place than the comments section. We still encourage your comments! But if you are wanting a more cloaked place to connect with other moms, head on over to Longest Shortest Time Mamas, and let the bonding begin!

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