The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #25: The Provider’s Guide to Quitting

Bry Webb was a punk rock star. For 11 years, he was the lead singer and songwriter in the Constantines. Yelling into a mike, jumping around onstage—it was what he knew best.


But when Bry realized he wanted to become a father, he thought he’d have to give up music so he could provide for the family.

So he quit.

He swore he’d never go back. And he stuck to his guns. Until one night, when the baby was sleeping, and everything changed.


In this episode, hear the story behind Bry’s album Provider, a series of messages for his son Asa (and we DEBUT a song from Bry’s next record Free Will, which comes out May 20, 2014).


Want to see the Constantines on their reunion tour this summer? Tour dates coming soon to their website.

Top photo: Joe Rayment; bottom left: Barna Nemethi