The Longest Shortest Time

Record Your Kid’s Voice for the End of Our Show

Hey you! Yes, you! We need your kid to sing the Stitcher logo at the end of our show. (We had a fun one of these when we were on the Earwolf network and now that we’re with Stitcher, we need a new one.)

Help us make a new kids’ chorus! Here how:

1. PLAY this six-second clip for your child:

2. RECORD a voice memo of them singing the clip back to you. They can boop-de-boop the melody, make silly sounds at the end. Shout “Stitcher!” like a heavy metal star. We’re looking for creative interpretation.

3. EMAIL the audio file to us at hello [at] longestshortesttime [dot] com with the subject STITCHER.

Thanks! You kid’s voice might wind up on our show!

Photo: Luis Marina, under Creative Commons Attribution License, with cropping

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