The Longest Shortest Time

PODCAST #39: Owner of a Holey Heart

A baby gets two holes in his heart and a Mormon stranger comes to the rescue, believing she is doing something illegal.

EPISODE #31: How to Brag to Your Mom Friends

Is it possible to share your parenting triumphs with other moms, or is it only okay to bitch?

EPISODE #24: Due Date Desert

A mom breastfeeds her preemie against all odds. Then she wakes up on her due date. Dry.

EPISODE #22: The Mom Who Did Everything Wrong

Heather told me she did everything wrong in her first years as a mom. Judge for yourself (but don’t be too judgy).

EPISODE #21: The Numbers

After having a preemie, my friend Kirsten unwittingly takes on her husband’s personality, and becomes obsessed with numbers. To the decimal point.

EPISODE #14: And Behind Door Number Two . . .

Toilets, exposed body parts, . . . pornography?! My friend Nat shares her horror story about pumping at work.


Yesterday my mom brought over a journal she kept for the first couple years of my life. Odd similarities between me and Sasha. And some very different things (see diet).

Feeding the Baby

Here at LST we’ve done a lot of episodes on breast-(or not)-feeding. Friend of the blog, Mary, sent me a link to a cool Tumblr curated by Sarah B. of drunkenbee called Feeding the Baby, with stories all about—you guessed it—feeding your baby. In every way possible. It probably won’t surprise you to know that […]