The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #138: W. Kamau Bell Meets the Daughter of the Dragon

Comedian W. Kamau Bell has been geeking out about kung-fu legend Bruce Lee since he was a teenager. Today, he guest hosts and sits down with someone even more dedicated to the cultural icon… Bruce’s daughter, Shannon Lee.

EPISODE #128: Win!

LST editor Peter Clowney joins Hillary in the studio to help break some exciting news. Plus: John Moe, host of The Hilarious World of Depression, tells the story of a tiny furry friend… and a BIG moral dilemma.

EPISODE #98: Casey Wilson on Mothering Without a Mother

Actress and comedian Casey Wilson’s mom died before Casey made it on TV, got married, and had a kid. Casey talks about the long, messy process of grieving her mom’s sudden death, and what it’s like to parent without a mother of your own.

EPISODE #89: When Katie Couric Became a Single Mom

Katie Couric had her dream job, her dream husband. After he died of colon cancer, Katie was left to raise their two girls young girls on her own—all while interviewing our nation’s most famous and infamous figures.

EPISODE #65: Kids Ask About Death

All kids have questions about death, and they can start really young. We brought in an expert to answer YOUR kids’ questions about death.

Picture Books: To Help Kids Understand Death

Picture book reccos from Sarah Troop, who answered kids’ questions about death in episode 65.

Giancarlo + Thomas on Studio 360!

Last month we aired a story about Thomas and Giancarlo Roma, the father-son team who did a book together based on the loss of Giancarlo’s baby sister Mary. I had mentioned that I originally interviewed the Romas 12 years ago for a Studio 360 story. This week Studio 360 is airing my follow-up. You can […]

A Grief Counselor on Talking to Young Children About Death

Joseph Primo of Good Grief, Inc. answers my questions on how to talk to young children about death, whether or not they’ve actually encountered loss. Plus, his personal list of preferable vs unpreferable ways to die.