The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #86: The Secret Life of a Deaf Superhero

Cece Bell lost her hearing at age four. In this interview, the Newbery-award-winning author and illustrator talks about how she’s used her hearing aid for good … and evil.

The End of Preschool in Self-Portraits

In honor of my kid’s last day of preschool, her monthly self-portraits from September to June. Share YOURS with #kidselfportraits!

Kid Invention: The Coffee-Teapot!

Pre-schoolers’ backpacks are full of nonsensical scribbles. But sometimes you dig up gems. What have you found in YOUR kids’ backpacks?

Watching Other Kids Get Injured

Sasha watches a kid knock her tooth out at the same playground where she broke her leg. And like last time, she draws about it.

Decoding Toddler Handwriting

At first glance, toddler scrawl can look like nonsense. But underneath the mish-mosh, there may be a very simple message.

Drawing Obsession: Doors

I am convinced her doors must MEAN something. They do. And it’s not at all what I think.

Drawing Obsession: Bananas

She makes me bananas. And then she makes me BANANAS.

Green Monster in the Grass

Working through the snow day to make tomorrow night’s episode happen. In the meantime, a BIG GREEN MONSTER IN THE GRASS. (Her dream last night.) In our Parenting Hacks hangout, Alyson talked about how monsters = Mommy + Daddy at their angriest OR your child’s developing inner monster. What do YOUR kids’ monsters look like?