The Longest Shortest Time

The End of Preschool in Self-Portraits

Sasha had her moving up ceremony from pre-school last week. I thought I would cry. I didn’t, really. Maybe because there was an entire week left of school? Anyway, today is the *actual* last day, and that was the kicker.

Today is the last day (I think) that a teacher will greet her at the door, tousle her hair, and tell her how cute her short haircut is. Or maybe it is just the last time she will relish a teacher tousling her hair.

To commemorate this very Shortest part of our personal Longest Shortest Time, here is Sasha’s last year of preschool in self portraits. Note the evolution of the hands. From scribbly blobs to meticulously painted nails!

Will you please help me feel less lonely about this by posting YOUR kids’ self portraits? Use #kidselfportaits.

I am taking her our for her first ever malted milkshake this afternoon. Or am I taking me?

Sigh. And … yay!