The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #67: I’ve Got News 6

Our series on accidental pregnancy continues with audience favorite Ellen Kecskemethy. Who’s got brand new news.

EPISODE #61: I’ve Got News 3

A man finds out on his 47th birthday, he’s about to become a grandpa. Plus, the rest of our popular father-daughter “I’ve Got News” series about surprise pregnancy.

EPISODE #20: I’ve Got News 5

We conclude the I’ve Got News series with the birth of Ellen’s baby . . . and the project Tom took on to cope.

EPISODE #18: I’ve Got News 4

Two weeks before their due date, Ellen and Tim reflect on the game of Being Awesome at Being Adult.

EPISODE #17: I’ve Got News 3

We continue our series following a young pregnant woman, this time with grandpa’s perspective.

EPISODE #16: I’ve Got News Too

Tom got news. Then more news. Now there’s even more.

EPISODE #12: I’ve Got News

A newly married guy finds out his wife is pregnant while he’s at sea and just a few years later, to his surprise, becomes a stay-at-home dad.