The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #216: We Made You A Mix Tape

Just a heads up, this episode contains some uncensored curse words.

Dear listener, today we made you a mix tape! We’ve collected three stories from adult children about big, pivotal moments in their relationships with their parents. Each one is a little anecdote that means something bigger once you know the whole picture. These are little treasures that we’ve been dying to share with you.

Tune in for stories about a baby picked up by the police, the joy and terror of kale, and talking birth control in front of your dad.

More About Today’s Guests

Debbie retired from the Louisville Police in 2002. She plays in the police pipe and drum corps and loves being a grandma to Whitney’s 8-month-old daughter.

Whitney, in uniform (okay, it’s a costume), next to one of the police cars she grew up in.

You can catch up with Tom and Ellen’s whole surprising saga in our I’ve Got News series.

Ellen in Tom’s sailor hat.

Ellen, Tim, Natalie, Fiona, and Theo at Christmas. (Photo: Tom Kecskemethy)

Hope Wabuke is a poet and assistant professor of English and creative writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her poem “Ode To Kale” is currently unpublished; she has generously shared an excerpt with us below.

Hope is a the author of the chapbooks her, The Leaving, and Movement No.1: Trains.

Hope’s mom with her son Aslan.

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