The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #58: The Bestest Worstest Time with Roman Mars

Roman Mars dishes on being a parent of twins. Tune in to hear how he used his boys as a secret weapon, and about the time he felt like a “f**king monster.” The 99% Invisible host’s family life, as he’s never told it before.

EPISODE #31: How to Brag to Your Mom Friends

Is it possible to share your parenting triumphs with other moms, or is it only okay to bitch?

Mommy, You Smell Eew

I can remember early on, in my first days at home alone with Sasha, letting out a giant fart. I mean, a real stinker. And her reaction being: nothing. Nothing at all. This is awesome! I thought. I could just let ’em rip without worrying what she’d think or say. That lasted about 3-and-a-half years. […]

Giveaway: Poop Prize Pack

Tell us your best blowout story, and win a diapering kit with the diaper brand of your choice!

Drawing Obsession: Covering Up

I attempt to uncover her covering up.

Yes Shit: The Long Overdue Conclusion

Apologies for leaving you hanging three months—a quarter of a year!—to find out if Sasha ever got back in the tub again. It took about a third of that time to get it to happen and there have been a lot of other intense things in the meantime that have made it impossible for me […]

No Shit

All kinds of stinky: a new longest shortest time presents itself.

We Can’t Stop: No Pooping Edition

Okay, just on the shortest end of another shortish longest shortest time over here. Last time I checked in about this, Sasha had bronchitis. That wound up blooming into an ear infection and on top of everything she got slammed with a stomach virus. She woke up vomiting three nights in a row. Shivering in […]