The Longest Shortest Time

We’ve Joined WNYC!

Big News for Our Little Show

For a few weeks now, we’ve been hinting at big news to come, and here it is: we are partnering with WNYC. Home to Radiolab, Studio 360, and On the Media, among many other smart, fabulous shows. (Anna Sale’s Death, Sex & Money and Dan Pashman’s the Sporkful also joined the family today!)

What This Means for Me

Up till now, the Longest Shortest Time has been a one-woman operation. Whenever I’d say, We have something special in store for you, it was the royal we; I meant me. Now I can honestly say we. WNYC’s support is going to mean I can (mostly) take off my marketing, underwriting, administrative, and tech support hats, and focus on producing the podcast, planning events, and finding innovative ways to connect parents.

What This Means for You

Lots! We’ve got a ton of super fun ideas in the works. Ideas that will be all the better for the collaboration and resources that are now at my fingertips. Next thing to look out for: our Google Hangout on breastfeeding.

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Read more about the acquisition here.

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