The Longest Shortest Time

Your Kid’s Birth Story – According to Them

We know lots of you have traditions—birthday or otherwise—where you tell your kid(s) the story of the day they were born. But what’s their version of that story?

Send us a recording of your kid(s) telling the story of the day they were born
We want to hear their interpretation, in their own words. Feel free, after recording them, to share YOUR corrections and addendum. (We’re especially interested to hear from folks with wild birth stories… taxi cabs, accidental home births, dad-walked-in-right-as-the-head-was-crowning…)

Here are the simple instructions

* Get out your phone or other recording device and press RECORD.

* INTRODUCE YOURSELF, then have your kid say their NAME, AGE, and LOCATION.

* Have your kid tell the story of the day they were born. (Feel free to prompt with questions as needed.)

* Follow it up with your recollections!

* EMAIL the recording to audio [at] longestshortesttime [dot] com with the subject BIRTH STORY.

We can’t wait to hear these! Our faves may wind up in a future episode.

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