The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #148: The Handoff

We’ve got a new host for the show! Her name is Andrea Silenzi, and she is about to take us all on a big, awesome adventure.

We just had a staff retreat to plan this year’s episodes and we’ve got so much cool stuff in the works, including following Andrea’s (hopeful) path to motherhood. To read more about Hillary’s reasons for the host change, check out this great FAQ she wrote. (Hint: It’s all part of her plan for feminist world domination.)

Tune in to our first episode of the year, as we get to know Andrea, with some help from Hillary and some important people in her life. There’ll be embarrassing childhood stories. There will be vanilla pudding. And farting advice.

Andrea, age 6, with some random person’s dog that she doesn’t remember

A long love affair
Hillary and Andrea have been working together for a while; Hillary was the editor of Andrea’s hit dating podcast, Why Oh Why. To get a sense of why we love her so much, check out this episode we did with her last year, about her decision to become a mother. It was one of our most popular shows ever.

Top headshots: Adrianne Mathiowetz, Richard Frank

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