The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #184: Weird Parenting Wins FTW

If you’re a new listener, welcome! Maybe you read Hillary’s op-ed about the special misogyny reserved for mothers in the New York Times or heard her on Fresh Air talking with Terry Gross? We have a helpful guide to help you figure out where to begin listening to the show.

This week on the show, our host Andrea Silenzi is talking with LST’s executive producer/creator Hillary Frank to see if Hillary can help some special guests with their parenting problems using ONLY Weird Parenting Wins. Plus, we’ll hear about her daughter’s death obsession and how Hillary solved it in…a pretty weird way.

Tune in to hear if the unconventional and effective parenting strategies in Hillary’s book can help our guests!

Past guest Anna Sale from Death, Sex, and Money calls in to get tips on parenting siblings. (Update: Since Anna called in, she had her second kid!)

Listener Molly has a two-part problem about bathtime and picky eating. Our colleague at Stitcher, producer and engineer John Delore, has got a potty training problem on his hands.

And former Childless Man correspondent Latif Nasser from Radiolab, wants help getting his toddler to stop trying to bite balloons.

Did we miss answering your parenting question? There are almost 400 ways to manipulate your kids (and parents!) plus glimpses into Hillary’s mom life in her new book Weird Parenting Wins. If you want to talk wins in person with Hillary, she’s on book tour this winter!

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