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New to our show? Here’s a guide of where to start, curated by Longest Shortest Time founder, Hillary Frank.

If you caught Terry Gross’s interview with Hillary on Fresh Air, you’ll wanna hear Hillary interviewing Terry:

EPISODE #79: Terry Gross on Not Having Kids
Public radio icon Terry Gross talks about why she chose to never have children. And her recurring nightmare about a baby.

EPISODE #141, 142, 143, 145: It’s a Real Mother Series
Discrimination against mothers in the workplace is illegal, but it still happens every day. We take this on in a four-part series, It’s A Real Mother, with YOUR stories of discrimination.

EPISODE #88: W. Kamau Bell Asks His Mom About Sex
For most of his life, comedian W. Kamau Bell assumed his single mom never had sex after she made him. In this award-winning episode, he gets the real story.

If you like this episode, then you’ll enjoy our entire Sex & Parenthood series.

EPISODE #27-29: Natural Birth Series
A three-part series on natural birth. In Part 1, Hillary attempts to rewrite her traumatic birth story, four years after the fact. In Part 2, Hillary tells Ina May Gaskin, the mother of modern midwifery, that Ina let her down.

Ina May *revised her book* five years after that episode aired, largely due to her conversation with Hillary and the listener comments that followed. You can hear about those changes in this follow-up.

EPISODE #61, 62, 80, 81, 125, 144, 211: The Accidental Gay Parents
One weekend Trystan and his boyfriend were clubbing in Vegas; the next they were steeped in diapers and Legos. The story of how two twenty-somethings became parents. Overnight.

And later in the series (spoiler alert!), we learn what it’s like to be a pregnant man, and to share that news with your parents, your children, and the world.

EPISODE #118: All The Feels with Rob Huebel
Actor and comedian Rob Huebel talks about sneaking onto airplanes, why he doesn’t share a bed with his wife, and what it was like to have their daughter live in the hospital for her first 117 days. And! The best placed fart noise ever.

EPISODE #70: There’s Something About Andy
A young Mormon plays a long con on his childhood crush—in the hopes of starting a family with her.

EPISODE #59: Mama Don’t Understand
A game of got-yer-nose turns racial, and a 6-year-old raps to her white mom about not getting her Blackness. Two stories of biracial kids schooling their mamas.

EPISODE #165: The 36 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Having Kids
Stephanie never wanted kids…. but then she met Joey. Tune in to hear them answer a series of questions intended to help them determine if they want a future as parents together. This episode is hosted by Andrea Silenzi. She started working alongside Hillary in January 2018, and if you’re curious about the switch, we have a FAQ about the change.

EPISODE #208-210: The Single Lady’s Guide to Sperm Shopping
A three-part series in which host Andrea Silenzi navigates the world of donor sperm, in a quest to potentially become a single mom.

Need more? Here’s an even longer list of our Staff Faves.

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