The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #214: The, Like, Show. Wavy Edition

We are back with another round of parenting advice from teens! As we learned last time, teens have a valuable perspective because they straddle that line between childhood and adulthood. They can help you see inside your kid’s brain and—we hope—offer you advice you can use.

Tune in to hear our panel’s answers about VSCO girls, smart phones, and vaping. Bonus: you’ll learn the latest teen lingo along the way!

Meet our panelists!

Mason is from the Bronx and is a member of Teens Take Charge, a student-led movement for educational equity in New York City. He wants to study physical therapy when he’s older. He is an expert at getting his nephew to brush his teeth.

Quincy is from Manhattan and, like Mason, is a member of Teens Take Charge. Since he was on our last teen panel, Quincy has gotten really into boxing, basketball, and photography.

Molly is from Montclair, NJ, and is a member of Students Demand Action. Molly still loves lighting design—she’s just done her seventh show! (Sidenote: Molly is the daughter of Anne from LST’s very first episode.)

Special thanks to our engineer Andi Kristens, who ran the board during our live taping.

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