The Longest Shortest Time

Episode #209: Sperm Series: I Visit a Sperm Bank

In the second of our three-part series “The Single Lady’s Guide to Sperm Shopping,” your host Andrea Silenzi heads to California Cryobank. Will she find her dream donor?

Episode #208: Sperm Series: I Download an App

In the first of our three-part series “The Single Lady’s Guide to Sperm Shopping,” your host Andrea Silenzi explores an exciting new path towards becoming a single parent. Will she find her sperm donor using… an app?

Episode #207: Aack! How Cathy Became a Mom

When cartoonist Cathy Guisewite turned 35, she told her parents she was never getting married and never having a kids. Hear what changed her mind.

Episode #206: When YouTube Is Your Birth Coach

When Tia found out she was pregnant, she wasn’t going to let that stop her from traveling abroad… in her third trimester. Hear why her birth story made international news.

Episode #205: Oh, The Places You Shouldn’t Go!

A summer romp through all the wild places a kid’s imagination can take them in nature, perfect for Boxcar Children, Ingalls Wilder-heads, and “My Side of the Mountain” super-fans.

EPISODE #204: Breaking Cycles (and Chairs!) with Kulap Vilaysack

When comedian Kulap Vilaysack decided to resolve questions from her family history, she did it in the most extreme way possible: by directing a documentary about her own life.

EPISODE #203: When Mommy Boobs Go Viral

Jessica Rose Schrody makes parody raps about motherhood beloved by everyone from Viola Davis to Beyonce’s Mom.

EPISODE #202: Give The Ellises a Sitcom Already

Devale and Khadeen Ellis have always imagined their lives as a TV show. Specifically, a sitcom about millennial parenting that takes place in gentrified Brooklyn. But instead of waiting for their big shot, the Ellises started sharing their story online.

EPISODE #201: Artificial Wombs, Space Babies and Robot Nurses… Oh My!

Futures critic Rose Eveleth believe the future can be more equitable, fun and interesting than we ever dreamed it would be. But, in order to make that real, we have to start talking about it.

EPISODE #200: I’m Pregnant!

What does it mean to become a parent when you’re no longer speaking to the parents who raised you? Our producer Jackie Sojico is about to find out … because she’s 7 months pregnant.