The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #117: Coming of Age with Down Syndrome

The day Sophie got her period, there were phone calls and high-fives all around. Sophie was psyched. But her mom, author Amy Silverman, felt torn. What does it mean to have daughter with a grown-up body, and a mind that doesn’t quite match?

Resources: For People on the Spectrum

Think someone in your family might be on the autism spectrum? Check out these books and websites.

Gift Guide: Non-Cheesy Reads for New Parents

Sex, giggles, ambivalence, existential crises. This list’s got it all. Pick something out for YOUR favorite new parent!

A Book to (Really) Make Any New Mom Laugh

The perfect parenting book to set up shop on ANY new mom’s bedside table.

Books: For Having Fun Eating with Kids

Dan Pashman from The Sporkful tells us his five favorite books to make eating with your kids more FUN.

Books: For Talking the Birds & the Bees with Your Kid

Dreading “the talk”? Here are some age-appropriate reads for pre-schoolers through high-schoolers. Plus, a few picks for you.

Must-Reads: For the Mom Who Wants Her Sex Life Back

A postpartum sex educator gives us her top reads for moms who are ready to get it on again.

EPISODE #41: How to Be a Pregnant Butch

Artist A.K. Summers on her fabulous graphic memoir Pregnant Butch, and what it’s like to try to look tough and masculine while your body is growing a baby.