The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #129: Casey Wilson, Jessi Klein and a Dinosaur Dick-Punching a Bear

Two funny moms walk into a hot, foam-lined room; bonding over epidurals, antidepressants, and baby boy apparel ensues. Actress Casey Wilson guest hosts and digs in deep with her pal, comedy writer Jessi Klein.

EPISODE #55: The Emperor’s New Onesie

The story of one mom held hostage by a naked toddler.

10 Movies That Won’t Make You Cry After Having a Baby

New moms need stuff to watch during never-ending feeding sessions. Problem is, almost everything makes us cry. Movie Date podcast comes to the rescue with 10 movies that won’t bring on the waterworks. But the hosts have vastly different ideas about what that means.

Yes Shit: The Long Overdue Conclusion

Apologies for leaving you hanging three months—a quarter of a year!—to find out if Sasha ever got back in the tub again. It took about a third of that time to get it to happen and there have been a lot of other intense things in the meantime that have made it impossible for me […]

No Shit

All kinds of stinky: a new longest shortest time presents itself.

A Note on Sleep

Wow, sleep issues really bring out the commenters in full force! Thanks to everyone who offered ideas, experience, and book recommendations yesterday. I am pleased to report that last night’s bedtime was much less painful than the previous night. I will get to why I think that was true in a minute. First, a note […]

I Want a Fever

A few nights ago my husband and I heard the inevitable kaboom of our toddler lifting herself over the side of her crib and landing on . . . God knows what body part. Sasha seemed fine but we didn’t want to risk that happening again, so the next night we took the side off […]

We Can’t Stop: No Pooping Edition

Okay, just on the shortest end of another shortish longest shortest time over here. Last time I checked in about this, Sasha had bronchitis. That wound up blooming into an ear infection and on top of everything she got slammed with a stomach virus. She woke up vomiting three nights in a row. Shivering in […]