The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #189: Toy Stories

Facing off with the toys you can’t shake.

EPISODE #188: Baby Shark Attack

We dive deep into the hit kids song and hopefully come up alive (doo doo doo doo doo doo).


Is MILF a fun shorthand for “sexy mom” or does it tell another story?

EPISODE #186: Lucy Knisley Redraws Her Birth Story

Cartoonist Lucy Knisley couldn’t wait to draw the day her son was born. But how do you draw something if you can’t remember it?

EPISODE #185: When the Family Band Isn’t Your Thing

When you’re born into a family famous for their musical ties, is joining them a birthright or a curse? Lucy Wainwright Roche and her mom Suzzy Roche join us live in studio.

EPISODE #184: Weird Parenting Wins FTW

Our show’s host Andrea Silenzi is talking with LST’s executive producer/creator Hillary Frank today to answer parenting problems using only things Hillary has learned from her book, Weird Parenting Wins.

EPISODE #183: Postpartum House Arrest

After Jessica gave birth to her first child, her own mother sabotaged her plans of postpartum bliss.

EPISODE #182: When Your Uterus Wants Out

A woman finds she can’t become a mom without a hysterectomy.

EPISODE #181: Must Love Fish

When Geneva was looking for her future partner, she made a list of 37 things she wanted. Number one was Native.

EPISODE #180: The Polycule

Have you ever wondered how polyamorous parents do their thing? We’ll hear from 3 members of a polyamorous community in the midwest who say non-monogamy has made them better partners and parents.