The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #78: Lauren Lapkus Answers Kids’ Unanswerable Questions

Lauren Lapkus fields questions about unicorns, poop, and a well-kept secret about Darth Vader.

EPISODE #69: Kids Ask Chris Gethard Unanswerable Questions

Do dinosaurs go to heaven or hell? Why don’t dogs have hands? Comedian Chris Gethard attempts to answer YOUR kids’ unanswerable questions. Plus, a surprise guest gives Hillary podcasting advice.

EPISODE #63: Kids Eat … What?!

Dan Pashman from The Sporkful weighs in on your kids’ weird eating habits. And how they might not be so weird after all.

EPISODE #58: The Bestest Worstest Time with Roman Mars

Roman Mars dishes on being a parent of twins. Tune in to hear how he used his boys as a secret weapon, and about the time he felt like a “f**king monster.” The 99% Invisible host’s family life, as he’s never told it before.

EPISODE #56: The New You … It’ll Do

Parenthood changes people. Beauty guru Jane Marie gives tips on how to (mostly) accept the new you. Plus, one mom whose post-baby change prevents her from singing karaoke.

EPISODE #34: The Parents’ Guide to Eating Over the Sink

Getting kids to eat healthy meals can be messy. But what about how YOU eat once you have kids? Dan Pashman tells me how to make scarfing down food over the sink as delicious as possible. But grosses me out in the process.

EPISODE #12: I’ve Got News

A newly married guy finds out his wife is pregnant while he’s at sea and just a few years later, to his surprise, becomes a stay-at-home dad.