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Episode #208: Sperm Series: I Download an App

When Andrea Silenzi became our show’s host nearly 2 years ago, she made it clear: if dating doesn’t work out (and so far it hasn’t!), she’s ready to become a single parent.

Many of our listeners have shopped for sperm or eggs or embryos before–especially queer couples, those with fertility challenges, and other single people trying to be parents.

What stands out to us about Andrea, though, is how over-the-top obsessed she is with sperm. She’s brought her own kind of crazy to the process, and you’re going to hear it.

Tune in to this three-part series as Andrea considers her options, and comes clean about her irrational fears.

First up on Andrea’s journey: could finding a donor work…over an app?

From the company’s website: “Simply download the app, set up a profile and start swiping.”

The Just a Baby app is available in the App Store and in Google Play. The company describes it as “a brand new way to make babies.” The hosts over at The View shared their take on it.

Andrea’s profile

Some of the information required for setting up a profile

What Andrea’s phone looked like within hours of downloading the app

A sample of reviews of the app in iTunes

Andrea asked her new friend Cathy Guisewite for advice. Cathy is a cartoonist and author of the book “Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault.”

Cathy drew this for Andrea on the day of their visit

Private Donation Resources

Despite Andrea’s freak out in this episode, private sperm donation is an excellent option for many people. Here are a few resources if you’re exploring that avenue.

The app we discussed in this episode. To maximize your chance of success (and avoid the single-dudes-looking-for-sex problem), Andrea recommends adjusting your settings to include couples and people willing to co-parent.

Started by Beth Gardner in 2010, KDR is a free community resource and social media platform built around the need of thousands of alternative families and infertile couples to build their families as they choose, specifically with the use of known sperm and egg donors or active co-parents. Per Andrea’s sketch-meter, this is the least creepy option BY FAR. KDR has a very well-enforced code of conduct for their members.

A social networking platform for people seeking either a co-parent, sperm donor or sperm recipient. They also have an app.

Sperm Donation USA – This is the group that our guest Kyle Gordy runs
Sperm Donation Australia
Sperm Donors United States and Canada

We’ve also heard of people using this forum. We cannot vouch for it.

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